Upcoming Litters

Our current litter is spoken for, and we won't have puppies available until early 2019. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail at abelardshowdogs@comcast.net for more information. 

You can contact the puppy referral person for the club in your area by doing a bit of research on the national club's web site at www.grca.org.

Notes on Finding a Great Puppy

No Clearances, No Sale

Golden Retrievers, like all dogs, can have genetic issues. No breeder can guarantee that a puppy will live to 15 and have no problems, but responsible breeders screen for the genetic issues that can be tested for. Hip, elbow, eye and heart certifications are the minimum you should expect, and if you have a dog's registration number you can check them at www.offa.org.

Don't Buy a Pretty Web Site

It's ironic that you're reading this on a web site, but I have seen so many slick websites out there selling puppies for big bucks from parents with sketchy pedigrees and no clearances that it's a necessary reminder. I love beautiful puppy pictures, too, but if I'm purchasing a puppy I'm looking at clearances, the reputation of the breeder, the parents...please make sure there is substance behind the glitz.

Beware Marketing Terms

There is no such dog breed as "English Cream." Cream is just a color -- basically white -- which is actually not desirable in a Golden according to the AKC Standard. There are many shades of gold, including the lighter blonde colors, but this does not make a more valuable companion. Don't make this your first criteria when looking for a dog. Temperament, health, longevity, intelligence...there are so many things that should come first.

Basic Requirements for an Abelard Puppy

  • You must agree to spay or neuter your pet by the age of 2.
  • You must keep your puppy and dog at optimal weight for health.
  • You must agree to a training class or puppy kindergarden.
  • You must have a fenced yard.

Do a Little Research

When you purchase a puppy, you are actually bringing home a family member who will be with you for the next 10-15 years. Do some research. Call a few breeders and see who you feel you can talk to easily. One of the reasons you buy  from a reputable breeder is that they should be there for you long after the puppy goes home. Do your homework. It really will pay off.

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